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Gauss is a 2 player board game similar to chess. There are no dice, no cards, and nothing hidden from either player. It is a pure strategy game. The rules are fairly simple, but the strategy could take a lifetime to master. Well, ok, I have no proof of that per se, after all, I only made the game up a few years ago.

I have made a computer version of Gauss. One player, you vs. the computer. The computer AI isn't that brilliant, but it'll beat a beginner. As you get better, you'll start beating it more and more until you're just too good for it.

Download Gauss now

For the rules to Gauss, click here.

For instructions on installation and play of the 1 player video game version of Gauss, click here.

For instructions on how to make your own cheezy but functional Gauss set, click here.

If you'd like information on ordering a nice Gauss set, click here.

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