Name : Casey Grimm, Doctor X

Age : 31

Hair : Blond

Eyes: Blue

Identifying Features: Ridiculously Spiked Hair, Huge Nose

Personal Goals: Conquer the World, Enslave All of Humanity, Kill Andy

Hobbies : Mad Science, Roleplaying

Description: Casey is a perfect example of a mad scientist bend on global domination. One way or another, all of his inventions have something to do with that goal. He frequently slips into his "Dr. X" personna, wherein he dons a black mask and talks like an evil overlord. He has the technical genius to accomplish his goals, but he is often distracted or unintentionally thwarted by Andy's poorly thought out actions. Also, he seems to be a target for abuse by aliens. His girlfriend, Mary, loves him nonetheless. If there is a leader to the strange assortment of people living in the house, it is Casey.