Casey and Andy Links

Below are the links to some, but not all, of the comics I read.If you're looking for a good gag-a-day,
I'd recommend PVP. If you want to get immeshed in a good long storyline, go for Zortic or Anara.
If you want "newspaper-like" comics, try Alice. Don't let these suggestions limit you,
though. They're all good.

Enter an immaginative realm of magic and swordplay
in this serial comic by James Milligan
Follow the adventures of a none-too-typical
little green man from outer space
Watch Tycho and Gabe play video games, swear, and...
well, that's about it, really.
Alice is sort of a teenage female Calvin, but don't take that to
mean the strip isn't wonderfully original.
The adventures of the staff of PVP Magizine. In my opinion,
the funniest gag-a-day comic online.
He's a flower. He's Angry. His name is Bob. I can't really
describe this one. Just go read it.
Young people who have all sorts of weird ways of looking at life.
Also, God likes to do puppet shows.
Based (VERY loosely) on the life of Greg Dean. Though, somehow I doubt
the real Greg Dean has a time machine, an Einstein-Rosenkowski device, or
any of the other cool stuff his characters seem to have.
If you're an RPG gamer, you already know all about Knights of the Dinner
Table. If you're an RPG gamer and DON'T know about KoDT, get over there
right now and laugh your ass off.
You'd be amazed at how much comedic material you can get with a digital
camera and a bunch of Lego guys.