Name : Satan, Lucifer, Beulzibub, Mephistophiles, The Fallen One, The Adversary, The Devourer of Souls, The Embodiment of Evil, The Devil

Age : Approx. 6,000

Hair : Orange with Red Plume

Eyes: Blue

Identifying Features: Horns, Spiked Ears, Milk Sours in her Presence, Children Cry, Dogs Bark, etc.

Personal Goals: Discord, Chaos, Plague O'er the Land

Hobbies : Tormenting the Damned, Purchasing Souls, Golf

Description: Satan is the fallen angel, cast out of paradise by the LORD. She can assume any shape, and she has chosen this one for now. She is the celestial embodiment of evil, and Andy's girlfriend. Despite her job and reputation, she is easy enough to get along with, and actually quite polite. For the most part, she only uses her immense evil powers in small ways, but there's always the hint that she could do more if she wanted to.