Theft of Pride
By: Jack Sharp

Theft of Pride is a full-length novel detailing how Shanex Exxel stole the Pride Diamond, Sephalon's national treasure. It's a Sci-Fi story of theft, scams, racism, culture-clash, and money.

Be warned that it is a full length novel, not a typical online short story. For this reason, it is available as a (zipped) Word 6.0 document. Putting it in web pages would be a long and ardous affair, as would reading it on a computer screen. I recommend you print it out at work when nobody's looking.

Theft of Pride is suitable for all readers. Rated PG for occasional language.

Theft of Pride is Copyright (c) 2000, Jack Sharp. Please do not redistrubute without my expressed permission. For those who are curious, Jack Sharp is my (Andy Weir's) pen name.

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