May 7, 2003

I'm tired.

I've had a problem with insomnia all my life. This leads to two major inconviences for me: Being tired a lot, and idiots recommending insomnia cures. I swear, the next time someone says "Have you tried forcing yourself to get up earlier?" I'm gonna shoot him in the mouth with a bazooka.

So. After a few days of not sleeping last week, I zonked out hard on the weekend days. I slept till about 2pm on Saturday, then stayed up most of the night, causing me to wake at 6pm on Sunday. Knowing that I would probably not even be tired until 10am Monday morning, I went to work at about 4:30am. I stayed till about 3:30pm (cause I had a lot of work to do there). I forced myself to stay up till 8pm last night, so I woke up around 4am this morning. I sauntered in to work around 5am and stayed till 7pm today.

So I'm tired and overworked and I want my mommy. What this all adds up to is no new comic for you. Instead you get a crappy collage of my favorite Satan Pics.

I like each for various reasons, mostly because on these images I showed some slight hint of artistic ability (which is unusual for this strip).

On the left of the image is my favorite pic of her ever. I have it printed out and up on my cubicle wall at work. This caused some comment.



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