May 11, 2003

As a rule, I don't do gaming comics. I do from time to time, but I try to steer clear of them, because if I even so much as touch on the subject, people accuse me of being a Penny-Arcade clone. It doesn't seem to matter that out of 180 strips, only 3 or so relate to gaming. They see two roommates and video games and assume C&A is yet another of the (many many) PA clones. Well, I don't see Gabe and Tycho inventing things, hanging out with Satan, discussing quantum physics with superintelligent cops, or being abducted by aliens. But occasionally, I do have a storyline involving games.

So, yes, I play DaoC. I am Saph on the Percival server, for those who are curious enough to want to know.

A very long time ago, I made a humor post on the boards over there about Lord of the Rings, and how it would be if it took place in DaoC. Later I made a post called "The Camelot Onion" that was very popular.

The sad thing is, I write all sorts of stuff. A web-comic, a couple of books, some Dr. Who and Ranma fanfics, and I've made up more games than anyone can count. And in the end, the most acclaim comes from something I banged out in 10 minutes.

Oh well.



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