May 21, 2003

Well, it stands to reason, doesn't it? God created everything, so God created Satan. That makes Him her creator. Ergo, God is Satan's Daddy.

Who's yer Daddy!? Who's your Diety!?

Anyway, I'd like to thank Tar_Ecthelion from the boards for pointing me to the font I used for God. The font has some problems, most notably the lack of an apostrophe. Also, it has some pixel dust on the lowercase "w" character I have to manually clean up. But all and all it's a good font.

The font's creator is "Mr Fisk". The readme that comes with the font asks that I give credit where it's due. The only problem is that the website I'm supposed to direct you to is 404. So thank you, Mr. Fisk, wherever you are.

Lacking a link to Mr. Fisk, I'll link the site I got the font from:

Lord Kyl's Font Site



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