May 30, 2003

There are certain aspects of dataing Satan that could really suck. Like getting roasted alive and having demons pick at your entrails because you forgot your anniversery. However, I think those problems would pale in comparison to dating God's daughter.

Neat story: While I was at the convention, I saw a 3rd Ed. D&D expansion called Oriental Adventures. It's been out for a while, but I never saw it before. I was looking at the various source books and one of them was "Way of the Samurai" which had an astounding cover art. It was a painting of a female Samurai. She was beautiful and obviously a bad-ass.

The cover art alone almost inspired me to buy the book. But I had no other use for the book so I reluctantly passed it up. Later I felt bad about it. I had missed my chance to have that wonderful picture. Then I remembered this thing called the "Internet" and poked around for the pic online. I finally found it. Take a look. It's really good!

Tasty Samurai

But the story doesn't end there. Having found the web page of the artist (Hugh Jamieson) I felt I simply had to send him fan mail. So I did, telling him he's cool, and asking if I could get a print. I expected to get a terse reply leading to an online order form or no response at all. Instead, what I got was a personal email from Hugh Jamieson, along with a HUGE HONKING jpeg of the Samurai Chick. You can see the brush strokes on this thing! It's amazing!

I plan to get it printed out at Kinko's and make a poster out of it for my computer room. Thanks, Hugh!

Check out his other art. It's incredible!

His home page:



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