June 13, 2003

Oooo... Friday the Thirteenth! Be afraid! Be scared! Or, if you prefer, be certain that the physical universe has no "Friday the Thirteenth Detector" and thus, on the galactic scale, today will be indistinguishable from yesterday or tomorrow.

So... This is strip #193. Hard to believe it, but Strip 200 is coming up. So, I think a celebration of some sort is in order. I've decided that I'll start a story arc at strip #200, which will last until whenever it ends. And, I'll be taking requests for the general plot behind the story arc. Whichever idea is most requested will be done, so if you have an idea, send it in, or post it on the boards. Parallel universe? Mime assassin returns? The origins of Quantum Cop? Whatever you like. It's all open game.



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