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July 21, 2003

Whew. Today's strip holds the title of "Tallest C&A Strip Ever" as well as "Largest download size" and "Most text". It was so damn big, Photoshop started crapping out. It started to not allow me to enter text fields. I found a workaround, but it was slow and painful. I later realized that I misspelled "connector" but lacked the energy to slog back in to the file to fix it. Oh well, it's not the first spelling error I've posted. :)

Hopefully, unwinding those sentances Quantum Cop and Quantum Crook were saying wasn't too hard for ya. I just wanted to show that when they have a battle of wits, they do it on an entirely different level.

In other news, I'm famous! Well, not really. But years ago I worked on Warcraft II as a programmer. To my suprise, IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) actually keeps credits of video games. So I have an IMDB entry!,+Andy

I clicked around on IMDB and found out that for $35, you can submit the picture for a given performer. I'm half-tempted to submit a pic of Andy from the comic. That'd be kinda funny. They'd probably just not post it though. heh.



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