The current story arc begins at Strip 197

Jule 25, 2003

Notes on today's comic for the novice reader:

Quantum Crook and Quantum Cop are physically identical. This is how Quantum Cop can use his palmprint to enter the base. Yes, yes, I know... even identical twins have different palmprints. Howver, Q. Cop and Q. Crook aren't identical twins, they're the same person from two different universes. If you can accept dimensional travel, you can accept that the parallel personnas will have identical biometrics.

Why is Casey so frustrated in the final panel? See Strip 94.

Mary makes an offhand comment about Satan being unwilling to help. Naturally, the Lord of Evil wouldn't want to have anything to do with *halting* an evil plot, now would she. To tell you a secret, Satan is a real pain in the ass as far as story arcs go. In every single story arc, I need to somehow come up[ with a reason why Satan doesn't just use her immense evil powers to remove whatever the problem is. In the Mime Assassin arc, I had her *like* being tied up. She had her powers removed in the Azrael arc. For this arc, she's just unwilling to help for obvious reasons. But I tell ya, I'm running out of excuses...



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