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August 13, 2003

Bear in mind that Lord Milligan is a very traditional villan. Air ducts play an important part in his religion.

In other news, I had a great time in San Diego, saying goodbye to my buddy, Dr. Brendan Allison, who will be moving to Atlanta to research BCI systems. For those who are interested, BCI stands for Brain Control Interface. He researches ways to hook up electrodes to your head and allow you to control machinery or computers with your thoughts. He already managed to get a system where you can play quake with it. He makes Casey and Andy's inventions look mundane.

Though, I'll always remember him as the guy in my suite first year who got so drunk he puked up a bunch of Afgan food and Kool-Aid all over his bed, windows, floor, shirt, and three of us who were in the room with him. He also puked a nice little trail from his room to the bathroom. Yup. The future of Mind-Controlled-Computers rests in the hands of this man.

Don't worry, Brendan, I only have a few hundred readers.



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