The current story arc begins at Strip 197

September 8, 2003

And that's a wrap. Good god that arc lasted longer than I expected. I hope you enjoyed it a lot because it was a lot more work than a lazy bastard like me likes to put into anything.

Today's comic features some references to previous strips:

1) The flags you see inthe final panel are Japan's new national flag. Or had you forgotten Lord Milligan is STILL the dictator of Japan?

2) Being Dictator of Japan, his word is law, and therefore nothing he did was illegal while on Japanese soil.

3) Quantum Cop is reading a book on Bovine Dentistry, which was the one thing he didn't know, as indicated in this strip.

That's all folks. Starting Wednesday, C&A will resume it's gag-a-day schedule with the classic 6-panel format.



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