September 12, 2003

On the subject of women and macho behavior, I've got this to say:

If you ask any woman how she feels about guys acting macho, they'll tell you they think its childish and idiotic. That's because, frankly, it is. You rarely see a woman say "You know, Bob, when the car broke down and you got mad and punched the engine block, I was really hot and bothered while I was splinting your wrist."

However, I have known women who were way the hell more "macho" than men, and those SAME WOMEN would turn around and accuse a guy of being macho whenever the guy was pissing them off. Macho behavior is more than violence. I would consider it macho behavior to get confrontational and unswervingly stubborn in a disagreement. Ever known a woman to act that way? Of course you have! It's human nature! That behavior has nothing to do with testosterone or gender. All of the major genders do it from time to time.

So what bothers me? The hypocracy. You can EITHER be a stubborn ass OR call people macho. Not both.



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