October 20, 2003

So I've been smoke-free for 5 days. The urges have really gone down since that first horrible day. But they're still there, believe me. Quitting smoking is hard.

Today's comic: After making it, I realized that the first panel could make the reader expect a "bad customer service" gag, leading to confusion, dischord, and dissatisfaction in C&A reader-land. So I'll just say that the first panel has nothing to do with the rest of the strip. It's just a little one-off gag for everyone who has ever had to deal with Fry's customer service.

Also, anyone who has ever been to Fry's will tell you that they never, NEVER come up and ask if they can help you. You have to employ Steve the Crocodile Hunter to track them down and shoot them with tranquilizer darts to get them to even acknowledge you. But I needed someone for Andy to be talking to to have the gag work.



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