October 24, 2003

Well it's 2am, and I'm just now updating.


Cause I REALLY have to get better at estimating how long it will take me to reach internal deadlines at work.

The thing that's really sad is that I get to SET those deadlines for myself. But I always estimate wrong, usually erring on the short side, meaning I have a few days of furious working till midnight.

I always feel so stupid, too. I'm working like mad, staying at the office to all hours, because I was unable to make a decent estimate.

I should learn to pad my estimates. More than I already do, that is.

About today's comic:

Andy quantum tunneled through the bank wall. With an exaggerated Planck's constant, quantum tunneling can happen over much larger distances. If you don't know what quantum tunneling is, well, I don't want to write a five page news item explaining it. But In short, electrons and other sub-atomic particles can sometimes "teleport" short distances, sometimes through areas they shouldn't be able to move through. This is because there is a general area the electron could be in, and probability states it's in there *somewhere* but Heisenburg says you can't really know where. So it turns out the particle *could* be on the other side of that wall. Sometimes it does end up over there, and that's called "tunneling." It's actually much more complicated than that, but that's the short explination for ya.

Basically, Einstein was wrong. God *does* play dice with the universe.



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