November 5, 2003


I've decided to have a little contest. I invite any and all of you to send in a script for a strip. I'll pick the one I like best, draw it up, and give credit to the author. Use the "EMail Andy" button to send me your idea.

Remember, there are no stupid ideas, just stupid people!

Rules or Entry:

1) No porn.

2) No new characters. Use the existing characters. You can use an obscure, not often seen character, but no new ones. New characters are hard because they require me to draw them 10 or 20 times to "get a feel" for them and establish their look.

3) Give me the script in panel by panel format, like: Panel 1: Casey and Andy on couch, A:"What show is this?" Panel 2: C:"It's the 'hit Andy on the Head Show'." Panel 3: A:"I don't think I'm gonna' like this show". Panel 4: (Casey has evil grin, cameraman behind him) "The best part is it's live".

Anyway, if your entry wins, you'll get your name in the news section and a link to whatever site you want to plug.

I'll take entries until one week from today.



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