December 19, 2003

Yup. It's that time of year again. Time to head to Payson, AZ, where they only recently invented the wheel and they think the internet is something a doctor might use to remove intestinal parasites.

So here's the story with today's pic: I decided I wanted o do a cheesecake pic of Jenn, cause I hadn't before. So I decided I'd make a pic of her holding mistletoe over Quantum Cop's head and giving him a kiss. However, after spending two hours getting Jenn just the way I wanted her, I realized a fatal error. Jenn is jack-knifing a bit in the pose, so the recipient of the kiss would have to be a shorter than her. Putting Quantum Cop there would make him look about a head shorter than Jenn.

Then I thought, "what if Quantum Cop were leaning in to the kiss?" That would take care of the height problem, but Quantum Cop would never do that. It's totally out of character for him to be touchy-feely. So I used Satan. She's taking it on the cheek, not the lips. An innocent kiss between friends... or whatever you want it to be if that floats your boat.

Jenn was considerably sluttier in the first version. I drew her with the idea that she was kissing Quantum Cop. You see that white bow? That's all she had on above the waist. Then when I drew Satan in, Jenn just looked trashy, so I put a shirt on her.

Ironically, in real life, Mary would be the one interested in kissing a girl, not Jenn.



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