January 26, 2004

I really hate it when there are a lot of obnoxious rules about passwords. Now, I won't mention what site's ridiculously strict password rules inspired this comic, cause that would be rude. But let me just say that it's a place where people keep JOURNALS. And not the dead kind of journals, either. The LIVE kind.

The thing is, I have a general "low-security" passwork I use all over the web. If some haxx0r gets it, it's no big deal to me. He could post obnoxious things in my name on a few message boards, get online tech support for a few products I own, etc. I use the same password for everything I don't care about someone else co-opting. Why? So I know the freakin' password, that's why! I can't remember 40 different passwords! Sheesh.

Anyway, certain unnamed sites (the kind that have the journals on them from people who aren't dead) wouldn't allow my password. Even though it was not a word in any language, has numbers, ehas plenty of characters in it, etc. It said my password was a reversed english word! It isn't! It's not even close! So now I have to remember an extra password because of that site. I *wish* I could click a checkbox that says "I'll take the fucking chance!" and use my normal password.

In other news, it's been a GREAT weekend for Mars nerds. Opportunity landed safely and all appears to be well. Also, they have re-established some control over Spirit. Finally, Mars Express (the European probe in orbit) found all sorts of ice on the surface of and in the atmosphere of Mars. Earth is really looking hard at Mars. We have 2 functioning ground craft poking around, a highly advanced probe in orbit, and the slightly elderly yet still useable global surveyor acting as a communications satellite. This is awesome!



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