February 6, 2004

Yes, I'm a software engineer. I'll admit today's comic probably isn't that funny if you're not a programmer of some kind.

This is inspired by the fact that I'm dealing with the most killer, annyoing, difficult-to-reproduce, fuck-me-right-in-the-eye bug at work. I've been working on this ONE BUG for about two days now. It's a "Halley's Bug". To make things more complicated, this is a project I inherited from another developer, so I don't know the code base that well.

Tomorrow, I have to go through all the code to three different projects and yank all the strings to a localizeable file. It'll be really dull, and I'm really looking forward to it. Why? Cause it's not THE BUG. If my boss said "Andy, we need you to swim around in the sewer for a while." I'd say "Sure thing, boss!" cause it would mean I don't have to work on THE BUG for a little while.

(EDIT: The bug turned out to be an invalid array index causing a memory corruption, which ate up important variables. All in code written by a different developer that I reluctantly inherited.)



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