February 16, 2004

This is strip number 293. I have never before, in 292 other strips, used the word "fuck" in Casey and Andy. But I felt it was appropriate here. I am that annoyed with Speakeasy.net.

I got an email saying "Hey, you've had crap-ass IDSL for a long time, but we just installed a much much better DSL in your area, and you can upgrade for free!" So I said "Sure!"

So they send me a self upgrade kit, and then later a bill for $200. It seem that if I want to get the upgrade for free, as it was advertised, I have to go to a secret web site and download the correct rebate form. There are over 30 rebate forms on the site, none of which are labelled with anything other than dates.

Once I selected a form (more or less randomly) I began to fill it out. I knew "Your Name" and that was about it. I had to call Speakeasy to find out my "Order ID" and I'm still not sure which of the SEVEN (no exaggeration) different numbers on my modem case is the serial number.

In the unlikely event that I get all that right, I will have to pay $200 anyway, then wait up to 6 months for the rebate.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you have any choice at all for your high speed ISP (I don't), take the one that isn't Speakeasy.



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