March 5, 2004

So, I've opened up a cafepress shop with one single solitary item in it (for now). It's a 16"x20" poster of "Everything I need to know I learned from Satan". But I hated the picture of her itself (from Strip 107). So I started the whole thing over with my favorite pic of her. The Red Dress Picture from Strip 263. Furthermore, the poster is at 4x the resolution of the comics, so it's much better quality.

Cafepress charges $13.99 for the poster, so I set the price at $14.00. The 1 cent markup is so that I can track sales (if any) easily. If there's any kind of response to this merchandising, I'll probably put more stuff up, and probably at minimum price plus 1 penny for now.

The store is at:

In other news, I ran out of paper so I grabbed a random strip out of the pile and used the back. Along the bottom of the strip were a series of 2-letter codes that I had written that made no sense to me now. I finally figured it out. But can you? And from those codes, can you tell which strip I must have grabbed?

The codes were:



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