March 17, 2004

Happy St. Patrick's Day, all you drunken Irish bastards. I can say that cause I'm half-Irish. Aren't double-standards fun? You bunch of whiskey-swilling, potato eating, freaky geen-eyed redhead maniac Mics!

In other news, I like boobs. So today's strip was fun to draw. Lots of gratuitous boobage. The observant may notice Cujo is playing the part of "Cat" (The cat in "Breakfast of Tiffany's was named "Cat") in panel 3. And just to show I'm a geek (cause you couldn't possibly have worked that out yet), I will say that Satan is wearing the rank of Star Fleet Commander in panel 4. I say this mainly to reduce the number of emails that say: "j0 satan in pnl 4 is commander bet u didnt no tht. PS mor nakid satan pics plz."

So the hardest thing to draw today was panel 5. I had to make that belt juuust cover up the nipple. I actually drew the nipple, so I could judge it's location accurately. So I have a NAKID SATAN PIC in my house. Bidding begins at $10,000.


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