March 29, 2004

When I ink a comic, I invariably have a number of mistakes. To make sure that I remember to fix them in photoshop, I'll usually make a note to myself right on the artwork. Like if I ink the chin wrong or something, I'll draw an arrow pointing at the chin and write "Chin" as a reminder.

Well, not too long ago, I mis-inked one of Mary's breasts. To remind myself to fix the line in photoshop, I drew an arrow pointing at the offending line and wrote the word "boob". I had gotten all the way to the part where I was scaling the comic down in preparation to make the final gif when I noticed that I never removed that note to myself. Man I would have felt stupid if I had posted a comic where, for no reason aparrent to the reader, panel 5 showed an arrow pointing at Mary's boob labled "boob". As if to emphasize the point that it is a boob.

Yeah. That would have sucked.


LATER ADDITION: As you read through the archives, you may find yourself wondering "Did Andy have all this in mind when he made Strip 311?" and the answer is yes. I bring it up because I get asked that a lot.

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