Note: The current story arc began at Strip 320

April 30, 2004

And here it is. The moment you've been waiting for since this story arc began. Casey and Andy as teen-agers. If you're curious, that's pretty much what we really looked like. I had horrible acne and coke-bottle glasses. Casey was freakishly tall. And yes, he did have curly hair for a time after HE GOT A PERM!

Though the perm may have been after he graduated. I don't remember. I do remember calling him "fag", but that's hardly relevant.

A word on Cold Fusion: The "Cold Fusion" craze in the '80's was actually in 1989, not 1986. So it would appear that Casey and Andy were trying to invent it themselves, 3 years before Pons and Fleischmann announced (wrongly) that they had done it.


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