Note: The current story arc began at Strip 320

June 14, 2004

Had you forgotten that Lord Milligan is the Dictator of Japan?

So in other news, I was considering putting together a FAQ. Unfortunately, my readers (that's you) range in sanity level from none to less than none. So the actual "frequently asked questions" are odd. If I were to make a FAQ, it would end up looking like:

A: That's not a question!

Q: When will we see more nakid satan pics?
A: Whenever you fan-art them, you lazy bastards.

Q: Just what the hell is Lord Milligan, anyway? Is he, like, a demon or something?
A: Or something.

Q: Is JJ Quantum Cop's Daughter?
A: I ain't sayin'.

Q: Is Strip 311 somehow involved in the Jenn Time Travel Story Arc?
A: YES you retard!

Q: Quantum Cop's uniform has changed in hue since the earlier strips showing him. It's slightly lighter than it used to be Does this indicate that the Fremont Police Department has had some sort of shift in priorities within the genre of the strip?
A: Get a life.

Q: Will there ever be gay love between Casey and Andy?
A: You sick fuck.

A: Shut up, Mary.

Q: Why aren't there any minority characters?
A: Cause I'm a Nazi and dislike lesser races.

Q: No, really. Why no minorities?
A: Cause most of the characters are based on real-life friends of mine, all of whom happen to be honkey cracker white-bread anglo can't-jump can't-dance whiteys.

Q: What is the capital of Peru?
A: Lima

Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: Nakid satan pics.


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