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July 9, 2004

Welcome to Exposition Theater!

That's the problem with time travel stories. You have to make up random time travel physics, then explain it to the reader.

Recently, Casey and I have come up with some very in-depth time-travel rules for roleplaying purposes. The hard part is to make it work such that the players can't use time travel to weasel out of all the plot hooks, nor to solve all their problems. It has to be fun, time-travelish, but still challenging. I think we have it now though.

And being the nerds that we are, we've more or less defined how it works all the way down to the sub-atomic level (Turons! They're the subatomic particle that makes time travel possible!). So, having defined *how* players can travel in time, all we have left to do is define what happens when they create a paradox or change history. That'll be a whole different discussion.

Just so you know how truly geeky Casey and I are in real life: We argued for some time about whether inert Turons should act like neutrons or neutrinos. We finally had to settle it with a coin toss.


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