July 30, 2004

So here's a story for you. DMM of Irregular Webcomic! sent me this link which I found very interesting:

Casey's and Andy's Ponds

It turns out that on the grounds of Fermilab (which is full of nerds and science weenies, mind you) there happens to be a couple of ponds named after Casey and Andy. Could it be that among the dedicated nerds at Fermilab there lurked a few C&A fans? I did some research, and the short answer is, alas, no.

The ponds are named after two figures who were influential in Fermilab's history.

Casey's Pond was named in 1972 in honor of K. C. Brooks, who headed up the Atomic Energy Commission. This article tells the story. It's about 1/4 of the way down. Search for "Casey's Pond".

Andy's Pond was dedicated in 2003 to the memory of Andy Mravca who was at one time the manager of DOE's Fermi Group.

So it would appear that, sadly, they are not named after the loveable mad scientests you know, but after loveable mad scientests you don't know.

Still. Casey's and Andy's Ponds. On Fermilab property. Hell of a coincidence.


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