August 6, 2004

I considered having the last panel be Andy saying nothing and Casey saying "Roll Init!" but I decided the moment of utter hateful honesty was more funny. Besides, I had already made the strip fairly inaccessable to non-D&D players. It should still be at least a little entertaining to non-D&Ders cause Andy says "There are only a few monster types immune to Sneak Attacks" cluing them in on that. Then Casey rattles off a list of monster attributes and they should be able to put two and two together.

For you non-D&D players: "Sneak Attack" is a Rogue ability where you are basically stabbing at a critical organ or the spine or some other vulnerable spot. You can not Sneak Attack anything that is immune to critical hits (Like Elementals, Undead, and Constructs) nor anything that has no discernable anatomy (Plants, Oozes). Furthermore, you can't Sneak Attack if your target has any concealment. The "Displacement" ability gives concealment. So basically, the monsters in the module are combinations of just about everything that can't be Sneak-Attacked. And (pure) Rogues aren't that great in combat if they can't Sneak-Attack.


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