August 23, 2004

So I made a change to the site. I now have news posts linked to the strips they were posted with. So you will no longer see the past several newsposts here on the front page. Instead, all the archive pages have their own news area.

This is in response to numerous requests by readers. For the most part, I kind of assumed that few people read this news area at all, and fewer still would want an archive of it, but aparrently I was wrong. So for those of you who want to read archived news, I've put a lot of it up.

I'm recovering old news stories mostly from the livejournal feed, which goes back as far as Strip 169 or so. To get the ones before that, I'll try Google cached pages. But it's a slow process, collecting all the posts, so all I've done so far is from Strip 300 to the present. I'll be adding more back news posts as I acquire them.


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