August 27, 2004

Heh. It's 5am and I finally finished the damn comic. It took me a LOOOONG time to do. For several reasons.

First off, it has six completely unique frames of art. That's rare in C&A (motto: The Laziest Webcomic on Earth!). Also, two of those frames involve people interlocked, which is very hard for me. Aligning arms and heads when His hand is on her head, etc.

And, while I was working on it, I had a *colossal* soda spill. Like, it was as bad as a spill can possibly be. It dumped a big ol' load of soda right in to my keyboard. Like, I estimate there was up to 2 ounces of soda... IN my keyboard. I turned it upside down and soda literally poured out of it. Needless to say, that keyboard is completely dead. I'm using my crappy old keyboard again, with the space key that sticks and nasty smoker-grunge all over it cause it's from my pre-quit-smoking era.

So basically, that's why it took this long to update. But what do you care, you were probably asleep at the time anyway. Unless you're, like, from some other country. But I'm an American, so I forgot other countries exist.

Note: Jenn is *not* saying "Asstard". :)


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