September 1, 2004

So it looks like Satan and Quantum Cop were the most popular characters (of the six I put in the poll). I had no idea Jenn was so popular. And Casey and Andy are only of mild interest to the readers, aparrently.

If you look at the poll now, you will see that some asstard scripted about 300 votes for Andy. While I appreciate the compliment, I don't appreciate the ballot-stuffing.

The fault, of course, lies with WebEnalysis, the company that hosted Monday's poll, because they never thought "Hey, what if for some reason there are annoying little pudwhackers out there who would enjoy ruining polls?"

So this time I'm going to try out mostly because they check IPs with the votes and prevent you from being a filthy little Skript Kitty.

So, on to another poll!


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