September 6, 2004

It occurs to me that Casey and Andy really have no friends aside from each other. They both have girlfriends, but no "chums". Quantum Cop isn't their buddy. Milligan is a sworn enemy. The Religious Zealot? I don't think so. Interesting.

In other news, Happy Labor Day!

It occurs to me that Labor day is kind of ironic in the modern era. It was a holiday for the proletariat, the working class. It was invented by labor uninions to give the "working man" a day off. The US Government recognized it as a holiday (in 1894) in part to soothe unions to they didn't do anything frisky like revolt.

Nowadays, white collar workers like me get the day off. Actual working class workers (the kind Karl Marx would approve of) generally end up working. Though they get time-and-a-half, so that's something.

Oh, and on a final note, go read Miracle of Science. I ended up checking them out because they referred their readers to C&A (Thanks, guys!) and I ended up reading all their archives. If you like Mad Science (And if you read C&A, you probably do) then you'll love MoS.



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