September 10, 2004

Yes, it's all true! In a plan that must have been devised by Wile E. Coyote, NASA decided the best way to recover the Genesis probe was to CATCH IT with a HOOK from a HELICOPTER. Does anyone remember that old Hanna-Barbara cartoon "Catch That Pigeon"? Where the German pilots would come up with all kind of whacky plane designs and ideas to catch the pigeon? Whoever came up with the genesis recovery plan must have been a big fan of that show.

In other news, some of you may have noticed that Casey and Andy was down for TWO FREAKIN' DAYS while my webhosting company migrated everything over to new servers. I learned a few things from the experience. For instance, I learned that, until recently, I was never technically a customer of my hosting company. I signed up for the service. I gave them my credit card. They provided me with service for 18 months. But they never got around to charging me. So by my estimation I got about $400 worth of free hosting.

Anyway, an entire comic update was missed because of it, so Strip 381 was never on the front page. So basically, you might want to hit "Prev" and read until you see a comic you recognize.




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