September 24, 2004

And here it is, the winner of the "Write your own Andy-Ramble" contest. The ramble was written by Steve R. Hastings. I made some heavy modifications to his script. I removed some copyrighted material and slightly modified the final gag line. (From "Cujo didn't want to help" to "Cujo lacks my scientific vision"). All the stuff Casey is doing is my contribution to the strip.

Exactly what Casey is working on is left to the reader to ponder.

So, thank you all for your Ramble submissions, and thank you Steve R. Hastings for submitting the funniest one.

Mr. Hastings didn't specifiy a site he wanted plugged, so I'll just link the site in the signature of the email he sent me.

Let's all talk about Good ol' Steve R. Hastings: I gather he's a Libertarian. That's really too bad, cause I hate Libertarians (Well ok, I hate the political views, not the individual people). But he has a cat named Matrix so he can't be all that bad. Also he has a bicycle that was clearly inspired by MAD SCIENCE So that's good too. Also, he has a wife who doesn't have the same last name as him. Aparrently this is confusing to a lot of people.

Anyway. Thanks for the submission, Steve. I hope you get over being a Libertarian soon. I recommend bed-rest and clear liquids.



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