October 11, 2004

I feel like rambling incoherently so here's today's brain-dump: I've seen a lot of good webcomics out there, and I've seen a lot of crappy ones. Now, I'm no expert on anything, but I have to say...


1) Thou shalt update regularly. If thou doth not, thy readers shall flee like unto the Hebrews from Egypt.

2) Thou shalt not use lined notebook paper to draw upon. It is an abomination.

3) Thou shalt only do thy own lettering if thou can make it legible. Else, thou shalt use a god-damned font.

4) Thou shalt not spout L337 nor other internet abbreviations in thy characters talk bubbles. It is a sin.

5) Thou shalt not violate the sanctity of the fourth wall. It is overdone.

6) Thou shalt not rip off Penny Arcade, PvP, or any other popular existing comic. Thou shalt show some freakin' originality!

7) Thou shalt not make a comic comprised entirely of screenshots of video games.

8) Before making a webcomic, thou shalt first practice thy art skills until they are distinguishable from a kindergartener's.

9) Thou shalt not make thy comic too big to fit on a typical computer screen without scrolling.

10) Thou shalt, on occasion, make thy comic funny and devoid of suck.


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