October 20, 2004

First off, let me express my deepest apologies to David Morgan-Mar, author of Irregular Webcomic! which, as you know, is one of my favorite webcomics.

So, a few things I discovered about IWC while making today's strip. For starters, using Dave's format leaves, like, NO FREAKIN ROOM for text. My already-high respect for the man went up a few notches when I realized he has to cram plotworthy text in to that space every single day! Also, he uses specific background colors for text bubbles based on who is speaking. So I went with a light grey for Andy (cause he wears grey pants) and a light purple for Casey (cause he wears a purple shirt).

Anyway, if you're curious, Casey and I played the parts of Casey and Andy, appropriately enough. The "homeless guys" are our good friends Sam Ramji and Dr. Brendan Allison. Taking the pictures (and thus not in frame) is another good friend Chris Kanaar. The five of us getting together and drinking a lot is why you got no update on Monday.

Note: In the original photos, Sam and Brendan both had watches on, so you may be able to see where I Photoshopped them out. (It didn't make sense for homeless people to have watches).



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