November 1, 2004

Ok, so in order to make today's gag come together, I had to say political stuff. But I think I offended everyone equally, so I say that means I don't have a political slant in my comic. So Nya.

If you feel the need to email me because you disagree with one or more of the statements in today's comic, please don't. Feel free to post on the forum though. There are folks on all sides of every issue there who would be happy to chat about politics with you. Of course, they are also all insane. You are as likely to get links to pictures of naked fat people from them as you are to get political discourse.

Anyway, please all vote tomorrow. It's going to be a close election. If you don't vote, you can't complain. And don't give me any shit about the Electoral College, either. Even if your candidate is going to carry your state by a wide margain, go vote anyway, cause there's still the Senate and House to consider.

Sadly, I believe that Bush will probably win. I live in California, so this means I will have to endure another 4 years of constant whining from everyone I know about the administration. If Kerry somehow wins, the whining will be in states far away from me, which is fine. Go Kerry.

Unrelated to all that: I've redone the Fan Art page. It has links and thumbnails and uses php and all sorts of neat stuff. And there's two new pieces in it. So check it out.


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