January 12, 2005

Here's something from the OMFG department of ridiculous coincidences. In high school Casey and I used to hang out with Michael Owens. Every day. Like, every single day. All day. We'd hang out at the Owens household which had seven kids of their own and seemingly every kid in the universe as well hanging out there.

Anyway, Michael had a sister named Sandra who I had a monstrous crush on (not requited). She later got married to a guy named Howard. I went to their reception.

Another sister, Nancy, (I told you, lots of kids) noticed the Casey and Andy site and took time to email me. She thought it was neat that she knew two webcomic artists. Yeah. I have my little webcomic and Sandra's husband Howard also has a little webcomic. Oh yeah. It's called "Schlock Mercinary". Ever heard of it?


OMFG! Sandra's husband is Howard Tayler!?!?


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