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March 4, 2005

Ooo. Who could it be? I hope to see wild speculation on the boards and in my email. :)

New fan-art today. From The Man in Black again. Maybe I should make a special section for him or something.

In other news, There is a Wikipedia page for C&A:

However, there is some debate about wether or not C&A warrants a wikipedia article. I leave that up to others to decide. There are also concerns about the legality of quoting the site. I want people to feel free to update the C&A entry without worrying about copyright infringement. So...

To whom it may concern: I hereby allow any text and/or images from the Casey and Andy website to be reposted on Wikipedia.

Please don't pester Wikipedia by spamming in the Vote For Deletion discussion. I don't want that kind of help. If you have something pertinant to add to that discussion, then by all means, post. Otherwise, don't.


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