Note: The current story arc begins at Strip 446

March 14, 2005

I've been getting some emails complaining about the lack of Satan lately. I feel a bit guilty about it. I know Satan is the most popular character by far, but she's impossible to write around in story arcs. How do you present a problem that the second most powerful being in all creation can't easily solve?

So she tends to be left out in story arcs. For that I apologize. And I apologize in the form of this sexeh pic of her. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I was recently informed that according to folklore (I don't think it's in the Bible) Satan has a "666" tattoo. So naturally, she would have to have some style, and have a cute girl-tattoo of it.

And acutally, for once, this was not a dodge to get out of making a strip. I know exactly what the next strip will be, and it's going to be a lot less work than this pic of Satan was. But I thought it was important to throw the Satan-lovers something to tide them over for a while.

I, like many webcomic artists, humbly hope that my art moves someone, somewhere, to masturbate. Thank you.



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