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March 21, 2005

I really do have a cat named Cujo, and he really is a bastard. He has dumped so much piss into my carpet, I can't even begin to estimate it. Gallons and gallons at least. I've steam cleaned, etc. And I've tried every trick known to man to get him to piss in the box. Nothing has worked thus far.

So I decided what he needs is the great outdoors. However, I don't want the little bastard getting run over or getting his fat ass kicked by a neighborhood cat. So I cat-proofed the patio. It took me all weekend. But now my patio is completely feline-inescapable. I have two cats (The other, Blofelt, isn't in the strip, and happens to be very well behaved). I let them on the patio and watched them like a hawk for signs of them finding a weakness in the defenses. None. At least I did that right.

Then, right in front of me, Cujo walks back in to the house, and squats down to piss on the rug.

Little shit.

I mean, Jesus. It's like "Hey nice patio! Great dirt and stuff. Well, I gotta hit the can..."

Actually it was lucky. I grabbed him before he could piss and took him out back. Closing the door so we were all locked out, I waited. I even, well, taunted a bit. "I know you have to piss, cat. Anywhere out here will be fine."

Eventually he did piss on the dirt. I was happy and he was let back in. I'm sure he'll go back to pissing on the rug, but it's a start.

And please don't send me advice on how to get him potty trained. There is absolutely nothing, NOTHING that you think you know that I haven't tried.

Finally, there's some new fan-art today. From The Man in Black.


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