Note: The current story arc begins at Strip 446

March 30, 2005

Whew. That was a lot of drawing. As I have pointed out in the past, I am the World's Laziest Cartoonist. So it always leaves me feeling... INEFFICIENT when I have a full page of original art. (Well, almost. The first panel is images "borrowed" from previous strips in the arc.)

See, I'm a software engineer. I tend to want to solve a problem in a general way and never look at it again. So I sort of want to draw each character once then never draw them again. I could actually do that and more or less get away with it. I could use Illustrator and make good high quality pics of each character, then use them. Hell, Real Life is done that way and it's a great comic. But if I do that, I'll never get any better as an artist. So I draw, draw, draw.


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