Note: The current story arc begins at Strip 446

April 18, 2005

Not much of a strip today, I admit. It's because I overextended myself. Basically, I spent too much time working on Gametable.

And on that topic: There's a new Gametable release for y'all! Version 1.0.2 right here:

Here are the release notes:

The biggest news is that it will now stream pogs to players who don't have them. So your custom pog will just work outright with no in-advance emailing and "put this in your pogs directory" etc. There are tons of other new features, too.

Man. I bit off more than I can chew. Gametable, Casey and Andy, plus a full time job. Well, at least Gametable won't last forever. I'l lget it to a solid, "Gold" state and be done with it.


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