June 27, 2005

Note: The current story arc begins at Strip 492

I am back to managing the C&A site. I'm in Boston and have internet access again. It will be a while before I can get to making C&A strips, though, because my furniture (and art supplies) are on a truck somewhere in the country.

So the fan-strips will continue for a while. The movers assure me that they'll be delivering my stuff when they damn well feel like it.

As we near the end of what Casey and I have been calling "The Petroniad", I will assure everyone that yes, there are plenty of strips by other people, and I'll be posting them. So fear not.

In other news, Boston welcomed me by soaring to about 100 degrees with 90% himidity. I'm assured by locals that it was as bad as Boston gets. And really it wasn't too bad. I felt more... weird than bad. Hazy from the humidity. I'm from the Bay Area, California. When it gets that humid, it usually gets pretty cold. But not in Boston. I actually found it kind of nice. But I'm a freak, so whatever.

Anyway, this convinced me that the summer weather in Boston won't be a problem for me. However, I'm still fearing the winter. It's over there, 6 months away, looming. I think it winked at me.



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