July 13, 2005

Today's DRD C&A was sent in by DrakeBFire.

He provided me with the answers to the questions, which allows me to tell you a crucial piece of information: The 6th panel is not part of the riddle. It's just some wackiness he put at the end. So the artist styles to identify are panels 2, 3, 4, and 5.

In other news, I do realize it's been a really long time since you got any new C&A's. The movers are taking FOR FUCKING EVER to get my shit here. It's been 27 days (as of today) since they picked up my furniture, and last I heard, it hadn't left California yet. (They estimated 5 to 21 days for delivery, by the way).

Anyway. I'll use cut and paste art to make a C&A for Friday, to have *something* from me thrown in to the mix.


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