July 20, 2005

Yeah. I'm not sure what the point of today's comic is. I just figured it was weird enough to make the reader laugh. Got to love the "Andy's Crazy" humor. That well never runs dry.

Also, I must hang my head in shame because I have returned to Dark Age of Camelot like a battered spouse returns to her red-neck beer-swilling husband.

Mythic did a very clever thing. they opened a number of new servers that have all the bullshit deactivated on them. And by bullshit, I mean "Trials of Atlantis" which managed to simultaneously add a huge amount of mind-numbing boredom to the game just to stay competative with other players, AND ruin what was a reasonably well-balanced PvP engine.

Well the new servers have ALL of "Timesinks of Atlantis" disabled, and added a few other minor rules to make things a bit more fun. And I admit, it pulled me back in to the game, in the exact same way that the red-neck beer-swilling husband wins her back by saying he's changed and won't beat her anymore.



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