Today's strip more or less forced me to change the normal layout format. To make the gag work, I needed a good shot of part of a page from a Bible. But I wanted a 2 column spread to do it. Also, having the reader forced to realign his eyes to follow the last frame makes a slight pause while Moses ponder's God's latest instruction. It's all subjective, but I like the vertical layout much better for this one.

To do the final panel, I scanned a page from a Bible and photoshopped it. This proved tricky, because you could see the text on the reverse side, and I had to make that not be obviously interrupted while I pushed everything down to make room for "Bob was there, too."

Finally, a couple of announcements:

1) I have no intention of *cancelling* C&A. There was a fair amount of overreaction to my last newspost. I want to make it clear that, at worst, I would reduce the frequency to twice per week, or maybe even once per week if it was really getting to me. But I have no intention of cancelling.

2) Yes, for Christ's sake, I have heard about the King of Sweden's fender-bender car accident of last week. Also, I have heard all about the raving lunatic who accused him of being gay and thinks he (the King) should die. Many alert readers have sent me the links to these stories. Please stop sending them.

And, a final note, I have a buddy who wants me to plug his game. I played it, it's pretty fun. Give the demo a try. :)

Office Life


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