Important announcement for Mozilla users:

Many of you may have noticed that the forces of evil have found a way to get popups through Mozilla 1.0.6. This is actually an exploit related to Flash. However, there is a solution! It's published on the Mozilla site, but it took me a while to spelunk to it, so for the benefit of popup-haters everywhere, here is the procedure:

1) Type about:config in your URL bar. This will bring up all your mozilla options.

2) Right click on the page and select New>Integer. It will ask you for a name. say "privacy.popups.disable_from_plugins". It will then ask you for a value. Say "2".

3) Quit all copies of Mozilla. From now on, that particular exploit won't work anymore.

Here's a URL you can use to test. It generates a popup using the Flash exploit

Today's Strip:

I was a bit dismayed at the sheer amount of text that ended up in Panel 3. It's kind of a continuity-breaker. Panel 1 is a quick read, and Panel 2 is very quick. To then move into the russian novel that is Panel 3 must be like shifting without a clutch. But it was necessary for the gag.

I could have used additional panels, but I didn't want to make a "super-sized" strip for such a simple gag.


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